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That was very clever and creative! I loved every minute =D

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Quite a good concept... And I was 'lol-ing' as soon as I saw the cupcakes start raining sprinkles, haha. Not bad.

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... Odd

Well, since there were no "other controls" listed, I went through every key and found you could change his color (1-9 keys). It's possible I missed something else, but it isn't very interesting. Yes, you can smack him into the walls. But the background seems random, as does the music. If there was more to it then just smacking him into walls, it would be better. And maybe make the background interactive?

Aside from its simplicity, it is well done, what is there. You can grab onto his head hands and legs with ease and send him flying around. But it's only entertaining for about 30 seconds or so.

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There really is a lot of power behind this melody. This one sounds especially Tron/Daft Punk influenced. Could totally see it for a level in a game, it'd fit really well. Something with a sort of "evil cathedral castle of darkness" type atmosphere to it. I just love the melody, but as well, the instrumentation here is great too. And of course, the loop is splendiferous. Loops/transitions/endings are what I always listen to the most it seems.

.. and I like Dubstep

The intro was excellent, but in the dubstep break down section, it just seemed like all the stereotypical dubstep "sounds" were just thrown into the mix and it detracted from the experience of the rest of the song. And there wasn't much of a "drop" per-se, it felt more like a long transition. The ending was also good.

It's very well done over all, but the dubstep section could have been better, and as it is, takes away from the rest of the piece.

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To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect based off the intro. But then the rest came in and immediately removed any sort of negative notion from my head. You really changed around the song (in terms of beat) and the melody sounds great with the DnB going on. I thought the breaks added to it, since the original was a dubstep piece, not sure if that was your intention, but it's what I got from it. Great work here.

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